Murder is a Warlock Word for Home

Its 30 gold for a Horn Job
It's 30 gold for a Horn Job

Location: Murder Row, Silvermoon City

Faction: Horde

to visit the last area of Silvermoon, the one I as a warlock call home: Murder Row. Okay, it’s not like the Four Seasons or something, but how many nice places have you heard of that have turned out to be real dives? I mean, did the Luxury Castle Gardens Motel Six really live up to the name? So why can’t a place with a horrible name be nicer than it sounds?

There’s really not much here though: The Warlock’s Sanctum, the Rogue’s training ground, and a bar with a drunk guy asleep outside (No, it’s not Jero’me, I checked. No rhymes.) The big thing to notice is the one thing that makes Murder Row the best place in Silvermoon to be: Demon Hookers. That’s right, A Pimp Named Keyanomir (Yes, say the whole thing. Yes, that includes the A Pimp Named part) has his enslaved succubus (a popular choice here in Silvermoon) turning tricks down by the mailbox in Murder Row. That’s the kind of ingenuity that you can only find in Warlocks.

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