Goblins For Capital Punishment!

Dead Men Make No Profits
Dead Men Make No Profits

Location: Ratchet, The Barrens

Faction: Neutral

Perhaps it’s my affinity for gallows humor or simply the break neck pace of goblin life that has me hanging by the ropes, but I’m dying to tell you about this one.

Okay, you can hurt me for that one, but sure enough right outside of Ratchet is an honest to goodness gallows for hanging people.  It leaves several questions in my mind.  First of all, how do goblins get people in the nooses?  They are small, the nooses are high.  Perhaps that’s why its fallen into such disrepair.

Other reasons for it’s tragic unused state could be the fact that goblins, unlike both the Horde and Alliance have found no use for any form of capital punishment.  They are far nobler beings in that sense.  They probably just found it wasn’t cost effective. After all, why hang people when you can make them slaves for the glory of the Undermine?

Then again, I suppose they could have just bought the thing from ikea.

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