Star Crossed Lovers With Rhymez

LOCATION: Outside the Silvermoon City Front Gates, Eversong Woods


Underneath the bridge in front of the city gates is Jero’me. He just sleeps under there and occasionally begs for money.
If you actually talk to him he asks if you want to here some rhymes. Which you can respond to with a resounding “YES!” or “NO!” (Because you apparently have no choice but to love rhymes to an ecstatic fault or to detest it to a point of disgust). Even odder is that he will randomly just shout out, “Bip!” The only thing I could really think of is that this man is a starving artist/insane homeless person/troll. I am curious if Eversong Woods was once populated with many a billy goat before they tried to enter the city via Jero’me’s bridge.To dive quickly into this matter, I noticed that underneath poor insane Jero’me’s name was the title, “Mo’rrisroe’s Minion.” So I took off into the city to find Mo’rrisroe. He isn’t hard to find, he’s right across from the hotel that seems to be housing the illustrious Lv70 Elite Tauren Chieftans. They apparently like to hang out here between gigs, I suspect it’s because of the overwhelming presence of skimpily clothed elf groupies and even more hookahs (They do stay up on their balcony though. I bet they’re afraid of the cats). Anyway, Mo’rrisroe is apparently a member of the Silvermoon Builder’s Association. He appears to be the only member, as I can’t find anyone with the title anywhere else. He doesn’t say anything though. He’s a mute. Probably from shouting at Jero’me to the point where Jer decided to sleep under a bridge outside the city. So, there’s no answer to who these two chaps are. So off I went to the one place where I can find some decent information: WoWwiki. In the end, these two scorned lovers (Hey, if people can assume that any male character in any anime/cartoon is gay and write about it, why can’t I do it for pointless NPCs?) It turns out it’s some Blizzard in-joke. Brian Morrisroe is a lead interior artist at the company, and Jeremy Graves is a Dungeon & City artist that works under him. Both Jero’me’s rhymes and bips apparently come from real life Jeremy, who sings rap songs at karaoke and seems to randomly say “Bip” in real life as well. And that solves that mystery… I like my version much better to be honest.


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