Dead Paladin Found Near Bank, More at 11.

LOCATION: The Royal Exchange, Silvermoon City


First stop is the Royal Exchange. The best question anyone can ask about the royal exchange is simply: What is so royal about it? I mean, yes, it is home to a bank and an auction house, but so is the bazaar and you don’t see anyone claiming it’s very royal. Is this where Kael’thas keeps his coin? Perhaps trees are a majestic symbol? No, I’m pretty sure that’s the night elves whole thing. The only real difference here is the trees, and a couple more cats, and a dead paladin! …Wait, what?

That’s right, the small cafe that separates the Royal Exchange from Murder Row (Hows THAT for a metaphor for capitalism) has a dead paladin sitting upstairs. His name is Stillblade. Which personally, I think is hilarious. (For those who do know that he’s there, I assume you’re paladins, as his revival is required for a paladin quest. Otherwise, there is no reason to go up there.) There is another paladin that is standing next to Very-Stillblade’s body, and I couldn’t help but laugh at her. Since the blood elf idle animation is simply looking back and forth, she looks confused as can be at the dead body. It screams out “Should… Should I poke it? or something?” I decided to help her confusion by poking the lifeless corpse a couple times, spitting on it, and telling it a joke. Yes, Extremely-Stillblade is indeed dead. Does that clarify somethings paladin? Good.

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