It’s An Optical Illusion of Fiery Death!

LOCATION: Farstrider Square, Silvermoon City


Welcome to Farstrider Square, home of soldiers, hunters, and a giant keg of magma!
That’s right, next time you run over to smelt some ore into bars, take a look up at where the hot goo that powers the forge is coming from. It’s pouring out of a giant bird mouth shaped keg of undetermined origin. I wondered where the lava kept flowing from if it was suspended up there. Did they have to refill periodically when no one was looking? Where did the lava come from? Perhaps it was those crazy mages with their fireballs that keep it going. Then it hit me. Have you ever seen one of those toys that refilter water back up to make it appear like a never ending faucet suspended in midair? I’m pretty sure that’s similar to the trick being pulled off here. It would account for the magma levels being poured out is constant, yet the levels in the forge never seem to change. Truly, the engineers from around the corner whipped up a doozy of an optical illusion. Makes me wonder what else is just a trick. I’m looking at you mages. You won’t be tricking me with those sparklers anymore, claiming that you’ve conjured flame and frost from the arcane energies of the world. I have to sell my soul for power, and you just get to wave a wand and blow stuff up? I don’t buy it for a second.

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