Elf Girls Like Princes With HUGE Towers

LOCATION: Sunfury Spire, Silvermoon City


The giant fountain of spitting fish and water power over women is a bit much for me, it screams innuendo. Then again, I’m the one who is playing Freud with the massive amounts of large towers that are scattered around the city (The largest being the home of Kael’thas himself, the Sunfury Spire.) Inside the tower is where the three current leaders of the blood elf stand, doing mostly nothing all day. Why should they? They’ve been having me run around and kill any possible threat for the past 13 levels for them. To the sides, you will find either a group of Priests with a large glowing statue (I have no clue why they have a giant glowing statue. But who am I to question those who blindly follow the paths of light, I’m a warlock.) or a mage torturing each other with repeated polymorphings into various creatures (One of which is a giraffe from the Barrens. Yet another piece of the puzzle which leaves me with… about 3,998 pieces left to put together… I should have started with a smaller puzzle).

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