A Thousand Is Exaggerating

Location: Shimmering Flats, Thousand Needles

Faction: Neutral

I really think the Shimmering Flats need to be separated from Thousand Needles.  It does not make sense to have an entire zone named after a very visual motif such as dozens (Not thousands, but I’m going to assume that Tauren struggle with counting.  They are very nature orientated, and probably don’t care for scientific things like numbers very much).  But then to say:

“These are the Thousand Needles, for they look like a thousand needles”.

“What about that flat part? Is that part of the Thousand Needles?”

“Yes. Because they do not look like needles, therefore they are the more than a thousand not-needles”

Seriously, come on. How do you explain the Shimmering Flats being part of that region?  I say give it to Tanaris.  Just redraw the lines.  The goblins won’t complain. They control most of the flats anyway.

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