Hi! I’m Vrykerion! I am a blogger, variety streamer, and moonbunny vTuber who focuses on role-playing games and exploring the deep and weird lore there within.

I started this site in 2008 as “OddCraft” where I explored the weird, wacky, and silly references or strange occurrences in the MMO, World of Warcraft. I ran the Warchief Election, conducted a tour of Stormwind, and probably my biggest achievement – the creation of the WoW Ironman Challenge.

As I moved away from strictly World of Warcraft content, the site’s name changed to “The Land of Odd” and I began to explore the concept of summarizing long and complex stories such as the class storylines of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the strange chronology of the Kingdom Hearts series, and my very popular series of expansion summaries for the MMO Final Fantasy XIV.

In recent years, I’ve taken to sharing my experiences first-hand with live-streaming on my Twitch channel, and then sharing those edited into smaller, more manageable bits on my YouTube channel. To help with that, I’ve adopted a vTuber persona of this adorable little moon rabbit who wants to explore the various games of Earth and document the rich lore locked inside.

My current project is the Final Fantasy Retrospective as I do complete playthroughs of the entire mainline Final Fantasy series, exploring the highs, lows, and weirds from the over 35 year old franchise.

From here, I recommend checking out the categories above, or the latest posts on the blog to the right. Also on the right, you can find various ways to follow the site such as subscribing by email and always ways to support the site such as donations.

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