Lugae Evil Incorporated! – Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster #21

With Golbez distracted with fetching the final crystal, Cecil and company take the dwarf king’s advice to sneak into the ominous Tower of Babel and steal the other seven back. Unfortunately, there’s a bumbling pharmacist er – doctor waiting for us.

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Return of the Queen – Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster #20

Cecil and his team of heroes venture forth into the depths of the Underworld in order to seek out ‘The Dark Crystals’ (Original Concept, do not steal) only to find their perpetual thorn in their side – Golbez – waiting for them.

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He’s Back! (For Some Reason) – Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster #18

He has returned. The Dark Elf. Is it Astos? Is it another THE Dark Elf? Was he thrown here after the time loop broke? Will we get any back story AT ALL?! I’m not holding my breath.

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Should We Call Evil Yang “Yin”? – Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster #12

The return to our homeland of Baron is fraught with peril… okay, not really we just take a teleporter. But then we must face our greatest foe – EVIL YANG! Or Nega Yang? Yin? Either way, I do NOT remember him being this tough.

Closing Song: Fiddlesticks Rag (OC Remix) by Diodes

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