Jobs 101 with Prof. Giant Rat – Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster #3

Four mini-Onions tried to help the vikings out,
But their flawed methodology they began to doubt.
When Professor Giant Rat took them to school,
The onions remember the Job System isn’t just a feature but a tool.

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The Beginning of the End? Final Fantasy XIV 5.5 MSQ #1

The walk to the end begins as Vry tackles the final patch main story quest for Shadowbringers. Can he stop the Ascians? Can he find true love? Can he stop the twins from killing each other? The answer to one of those is surely yes.

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The Warrior of Odd Returns! Final Fantasy XIV 5.4 MSQ #1

As we starting WALKING to the END of the expansion, Vry decides to play catch up and plays through the latest Main Story Quests of Final Fantasy XIV armed with nothing but his trademark wit, his glamour plates and a market board purchased set of ilvl 510 gear.