An Unexpected Crossover – Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster #11

Four little onions under the waves,
Exploring Zelda temples and secret caves,
They had to level up and get more burly,
To beat Link to the Temple of Time 8 years early!

Game audio didn’t get captured right, so guest music is ‘Winds of Eternity (OC ReMix)’ by Avien –

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Stay Awhile and Listen, Kupo! – Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster #10

Four little Onions in a big scary house,
Met a fuzzy little creature much bigger than a mouse!
They introduce the Onions to Doga and through them for a Loop-O!
It’s the first appearance of the iconic moogles, kupo!

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Grabbing the Goods from Goldor – Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster #8

Four little onions couldn’t believe what they were told,
The final crystal in the hands of a man who loves gold!
They get so frustrated that they grit their teeth,
If only they remember that they just needed a Thief!

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Better Down Where Its Wetter – Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster #7

Four Little Onions heading down to the world below,
They don’t find sand, fire or snow,
All they find and is more and more water,
Searching for a Priestess and trying to spot her.

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The End… of the Beginning – Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster #6

The Four Little Onions are ready for a fight!
Up and down a big ol’ tree all day and night.
Finally they face off with that fiend named Hein,
Little did they know it was just the start of a grand ol’ time!

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Lali-Yo! – Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster #5

Four little onions traveling very far,
Found the town of Gysahl which would become a star,
Then they found the Dwarves living in their holes,
and save the Fire Crystal after running across coals!

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Shadowbringers Story Summary Now COMPLETE!

The final part of the Story Summary for Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers is now live. The last part covers the main story quests of patches 5.3 through 5.55. This marks the completion of the entire story summary which ultimately topped at 49 pages long! This also marks the first time I’ve completed the story summary before the next expansion launched. As a reminder, I do plan on writing a story summary for Endwalker but that will likely be my last one for Final Fantasy XIV as it also marks the end of the story that began in A Realm Reborn, and these summaries are getting bigger and bigger as you can see.

You can find the Complete Story Summary Here

Jobs 101 with Prof. Giant Rat – Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster #3

Four mini-Onions tried to help the vikings out,
But their flawed methodology they began to doubt.
When Professor Giant Rat took them to school,
The onions remember the Job System isn’t just a feature but a tool.

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