Should We Call Evil Yang “Yin”? – Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster #12

The return to our homeland of Baron is fraught with peril… okay, not really we just take a teleporter. But then we must face our greatest foe – EVIL YANG! Or Nega Yang? Yin? Either way, I do NOT remember him being this tough.

Closing Song: Fiddlesticks Rag (OC Remix) by Diodes

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The Cecil Apology Tour – Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster #9

Ah, the consequences of my own actions. We meet again. Returning to Mysidia, we are set upon a path to purge the darkness from Cecil’s soul and awaken him to Paladin-hood. Also we are babysitting again. Yaaaaay.

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The Fabul-ous Yang Gang- Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster #8

Time to defend the Wind Crystal from the evils of Baron. Once we convince the king that we’re not lying… and that we’re useful… and that we’re on his side… and that we’re not lying.

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