And I Thought The Cenarion Circle Was Annoying

LOCATION: The Bazaar, Silvermoon City


At the southern end of the Bazaar, there is a large gathering of people yelling at some lady and a priest who are decrying the abuse of magic and the cost of the luxury that the blood elves have become accustomed to. All it really is missing is an elf named Alg’ore and a powerpoint presentation. The more interesting note is that at the end of the whole thing, the people in the crowd summon another priest who casts a spell on the two protesters and knocks them unconscious.

It goes along with the the giant robots who march around barking things like “Happiness is Mandatory” and what not. It seems that Silvermoon has become some sort of 1984 thought police dystopia. They’re probably after Elixe now for writing this, but the truth must be told! Will someone do something? Who can challenge this establishment?! WHAT CAN ANYONE DO!?!

That works.

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