Blood Elves Are Crazy Cat Ladies

LOCATION: Sunstrider Isle, Eversong Woods


My question comes from the very first building you ever encounter as a young blood elf, and it continues on throughout Northern Quel’thalas. What is with blood elves and cats? No matter where you go, there are cats running around, but not in the wilderness like other critters. The cats only wander around in buildings and other populated areas. They’re obviously domesticated, and they are infinite in number. Perhaps the people of Quel’thalas were really lonely being isolated from the world in the six years between the end of The Frozen Throne and the Burning Crusade. The all bought cats to deal with it. Then again, maybe the cats are a sign of the contamination of demon magic and they’ve begun to go crazy and collect cats as if they were trading cards. Gotta Catch’em All?

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