The Sordid Slavery of Sheet’s

Step 1: Enslave Gnomes. Step 2: ???? Step 3: Profit.

LOCATION: The Bazaar, Silvermoon City


Let’s stop over at Keelen Sheet’s Trustworthy Tailors. I’ve been in here before. It’s one of the only places on Azeroth to find a mana loom, and where I spent a lot of time leveling my tailoring on another characters. What I had never noticed is that in the back of the shop there is a doorway behind the sheer purple blood elf curtains. What I found down there, I had heard about but never seen. It’s an honest to goodness leper gnome sweat shop being run by a succubus belonging to Mr. Sheets himself. The proof of the enslavement is sitting right in the middle of the room on a desk covered in gold (There’s also a leper gnome in a cage hanging on the wall). The best part is that the store is called TRUSTWORTHY Tailors. It makes me question other names in the city. Things like “Bank”. What are they really doing in there? Probably hording Nazi gold. It would definitely match the pattern of proof that blood elves are just horrible, and pretty… but horrible… but still pretty… people.

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