Magic Addicts Happen To Be Bad Parents

Blood Elves Learn Parenting Tips from Haris Pilton. No wonder there are so many Blood Elf orphans in Shattrath.

LOCATION: Sunstrider Isle, Eversong Woods


The only thing weirder is the abundance of unusually placed NPCs around Eversong Woods. Most NPCs tend to serve some purpose outside of the capital cities (Where many exist for simple atmosphere). But here on the shore far behind the majority of the starter zone, in an area only useful if you find the need to kill additional big cats (which they want you to kill, as opposed to the little cats). There are three NPCs sitting on the beach (See picture). Jenna and Nova are young blood elf girls with cat companions named Kitty and Manny respectively. They are joined by Jessel, the perpetually slumbering adult who I can only assume is also the girls neglectful guardian (No one said Blood Elves were good parents. Just look how many Blood Elf orphans there are in Shattrath.) The only things these kids do is occassionally remark that they can see the Sunwell from the shore. Which actually is true. The outline of the Isle of Quel’Danas is visible from the shoreline.

What I can’t figure out is what they’re doing here? Is this some manner of day vacation for the kids? Taking them to an island overrun with mana wyrms, wild cats (the bad kind, not the mister kitty kind that these kids tote around), and unleashed ethereal beings running amok? Then on top of it all, the guy who I can only hope is supposed to be in charge of the two brats who seem to forget about the Sunwell as soon as they turn around, only to be shocked by its presence again, is sleeping amidst the wild cats. Don’t even get me started on why the heck Jessel is only wearing a pair of boxers while at the beach with two clearly pre-pubescent kids. I know the blood elves aren’t exactly known for the morality, what with the constant enslaving of things (Demons, Naaru, Gnomes), but even I don’t want to comprehend what they might consider to be the legal age of consent to be with their ever dwindling population. Yuck.

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