SWTOR Class Story Summaries

Welcome to the SWTOR Class Story Summaries page!  This is essentially a spoiler free summary of each leg of the class stories for Star Wars The Old Republic for folks who want to see if they like they might enjoy playing through that class story.   Now there might be some minor spoilers for the previous chapter in the next chapter’s summary, much like Empire Strikes Back can be summarized as “After the destruction of the Death Star…” would spoil that yes, the Death Star gets destroyed in the first movie.  But I will try my best to avoid any major spoilers in these short blurbs.

Update (8/2/2016): All story summaries for the prologue and three chapters (levels 1-50) of each classes’ story and the Shadows of Revan Class Missions are now available.  In-Depth Spoiler filled reviews are also now complete and are linked next to their respective chapters.

Republic Storylines

Jedi Knight

Prologue (Review):  A Jedi knight in training stumbles upon a sinister plot on Tython! A fallen apprentice seeks to destroy the Jedi Order.  You must help protect the people of Tython and the safety of the Jedi order.  On Coruscant, a dark conspiracy is a foot, join up with a fellow padawan to help unearth the Sith plot at the heart of the Republic.

Chapter 1 (Review):  The Sith have stolen information on top secret military projects!  The Jedi Knight must traverse the galaxy to stop the sinister Sith servents of Darth Angral from acquiring these potentially world destroying devices!

Chapter 2 (Review): The time has come to strike at the Sith Emperor’s doorstep.  You must find the tools and assistance to join a group of Jedi Masters to strike at a hidden stealth space fortress and bring an end to the Sith Empire once and for all.  But do not underestimate the Emperor’s power and his servants.

Chapter 3 (Review): A shadow lifts as an unexpected ally appears.  But in its wake the war begins.  You must lead and coordinate the republics forces across the galaxy and stop the Jedi Masters who have fallen to the darkness.  Then only one challenge remains, and it’s off to the Imperial homeworld of Dromund Kaas for one final showdown.

Shadow of Revan: An old friend calls to you with a task – to remember what it means to be a Jedi and to serve the people.

Jedi Consular

Prologue (Review): A holocron of one of the founders of the Jedi order that turned to the Dark Side has been stolen! What dangerous secrets could it hold?  It’s up to the Jedi Consular to retrieve the ancient device.  Then on Coruscant, your master has fallen ill from a mysterious Dark Side illness.  It’s up to you to hunt down several stolen datacrons that may hold the answers!

Chapter 1 (Review): The Dark Plague has been unleashed upon the Galaxy.  It’s up to the Jedi Consular to find the missing Jedi Masters and solve the riddle of what connects them, how to stop the Dark Plague and what fiendish mind is behind the whole nightmare before the Plague consumes and destroys the entire Jedi Order.

Chapter 2 (Review): The Rift Alliance, a coalition of powerful worlds, is thinking of breaking off from the Republic!  The Jedi Consular must help the Alliance and address their concerns to convince them from seceding.  But it would seem that someone in the shadows doesn’t want you to succeed in that task.  You must find the traitor hiding among the diplomats and expose this treachery without giving the representatives another reason to leave the Republic.

Chapter 3 (Review): The enemy is hiding among our very ranks. How do you fight an unknown enemy? How about an unknown army.  You must gather the most powerful and reclusive allies, forge connections to forgotten peoples, and amass a force never before conceived to deal with the hidden threat of the Children of the Emperor.

Shadow of Revan: Your path has rewarded you with a wealth of knowledge, now the Jedi Order asks you to preserve it for all time in your own holocron.


Prologue (Review): Your ship has been stolen! Begin a twisting tale full of betrayals and backstabs across Ord Mantell and Coruscant trying to retrieve your ship.  Deal with underworld brokers, shady gamblers, and even an alien lawman as you chase the thief down.

Chapter 1 (Review):  The hunt is on for the lost treasure of Nok Drayen!  Travel across the galaxy making trades for ship components that will help you reach the fabulous fortune of the late pirate king.  But watch your back, Smuggler, you’re not the only one after the loot…

Chapter 2 (Review): It’s amazing what a smuggler will do for some credits.  Even if it means turning legit! Welcome to life as a Republic Privateer.  The jobs are deadly, the pay is good, and the locales are exotic. But it isn’t all sunshine and paychecks.  An Imperial admiral calling himself the Voidwolf has got his eyes on you, and Rogun the Butcher isn’t about to let up about that grudge either. So jump to light-speed, Captain and begin your next adventure!

Chapter 3 (Review): When the Voidwolf starts targeting your allies, it’s time to get serious.  Dive deep into the underworld to figure out what Rogun and the Voidwolf are up to, and put a stop to it.  But when the stakes are this high, it tends to push people to the test.  Can you trust your friends? Can they trust you? How much does it cost to change someone’s loyalty? Find out in the thrilling conclusion!

Shadow of Revan: An old business partner has an offer for a way out of the galaxy wide war.  All you need to do is steal it.


Prologue (Review): Welcome to the elite, the proud, and the few of the illustrious Havoc Squad! Join the best the Republic Military’s finest in tracking down a planet busting missile from the Separatists.  But is this mission really as simple as it seems?  Then on Coruscant, it’s time to hunt down some traitors.  Track their former mentor through the levels of the city world to extract some information about the traitors’ whereabouts.

Chapter 1 (Review): The hunt for the traitors begins as the new and improved Havoc Squad travel from planet to planet to bring down these heinous criminals. Work to rebuild your unit as you have to cunningly keep the low down on your secret mission.  It is you and only you that can possible stop the Republic’s most guarded secrets from falling into the Empire’s hands and avenge the good name of the Havoc Squad!

Chapter 2 (Review): The Empire has constructed a new superweapon that threatens intergalactic peace: The Gauntlet. A weapon capable of destroying ships while they travel through Hyperspace. Looks like a job for Havoc Squad.  But if you’re gonna take down the Gauntlet you’re gonna need the best of the best, so it’s time to track down some new team members.  Only then can you join the assault on what could be the greatest threat the Republic has ever faced!

Chapter 3 (Review): The war has begun. The tactical genius of General Rakton had unleashed his full force upon the core worlds of the Republic, and now it’s time for Havoc Squad to gather an army of their own to counter his assault.  When you have assembled a force ready to tear down Rakton’s defense, it’s time to take back Corellia and put an end to this Imperial incursion once and for all.

Shadow of Revan: General Garza needed a new covert special ops team once Havoc Squad got pushed into the lime light. What she got was a mistake, and now she needs your help to fix it.

Rise of the Hutt Cartel (Republic Side)

The planet of Makeb is falling apart!  The Republic stands to gain a great alliance with the wealthy world by providing assistance.  It’s up to their best, YOU, to find a way to help them and evacuate the planet before doomsday.  But doing so crosses paths with the dangerous Hutt Cartel that has taken control, and they don’t much care for sharing…

Imperial Storylines

Sith Warrior

Prologue (Review):  Ahead of schedule and against the rules, you have come to prove yourself a true Sith.  But the final decision comes down to one Darth Baras.  Prove yourself to your new master and defeat your rival to claim your place as an apprentice, or die trying.  Then on Dromund Kaas, Darth Baras wants to know how the Republic discovered one of his deep cover agents, assist him in find new and horrific ways to extract information from his prisoner and find the Republic’s secret weapon.

Chapter 1 (Review): Darth Baras’ spy network has been comprimised, his oldest enemy has a new secret weapon, and it is up to you as the instrument of your master’s will to deal with these problems.  Eliminate the loose ends and drag Nomen Karr’s apprentice out from the shadows.

Chapter 2 (Review): With your master’s power no longer at risk, the time has come to enact Plan Zero. A vicious assault on some of the most powerful figures in the Republic.  But there is a mystery presenting itself with each mission.  Someone is plotting in the darkness, the question is… who?

Chapter 3 (Review): When the call of the Emperor himself goes out, there isn’t a Sith alive who would defy it.  But when the Warrior proclaimed to be the Emperor’s Wrath goes against the man claiming to be the Emperor’s Voice, then there will be nothing short of open war among the ranks of the Sith.  Loyalties questioned, secrets and lies exposed, and when the curtain falls – only one can be left standing.

Shadow of Revan: An ally turns to you with a dire warning of things to come, but the Hands of the Emperor aren’t about to let the Emperor’s Wrath venture off easily. Not when you still serve a very important purpose.

Sith Inquisitor

Prologue (Review):  A slave.  That’s what you were.  But now you have a chance at something more.  Prove yourself through the trials and defeat the favored rival in hopes of becoming the apprentice to the cunning Lord Zash.  Then on Dromund Kaas, Lord Zash’s rival Darth Skotia has something she needs, it’s time to piece together a plot to get it and a few other perks. But Zash isn’t the only one with secrets to discover.

Chapter 1 (Review): Infinite power and eternal life is with arms reach for you and Zash.  All that’s needed is to traverse the galaxy and collect the lost relics of Tulak Hord.  But in this sinister game of Sith and secrets, who can you trust? Zash? Your crew? The mysterious force ghost that speaks in your dreams?

Chapter 2 (Review):  With new power comes new threats as the Sith Lord Darth Thanaton has designs on removing ‘non-traditional’ elements of the Sith order and that means Zash and anyone associating with her.  Your only hope is to master the art of Spirit Walking and either join with or enslave powerful force ghosts from around the galaxy.  But such power cannot come without a cost, can it?

Chapter 3 (Review):  Body and mind in shambles from your last confrontation with Darth Thanaton, the Inquisitor must find a way to rebuild their broken self.  But even then there is no rest to be found, the final battle with Thanaton comes.  A battle of the old ways versus the new.  Power base versus power base across the war ravaged world of Corellia.  Only one can be victorious!

Shadow of Revan: A Moff under your command has contacted you with a briefing where he informs you that a scientist of the exotic and arcane is on Rishi with a discovery that only you may be able to unlock the powerful secrets of immortality.

Imperial Agent

Prologue (Review): A fresh faced agent is on the job on the Hutt homeworld.  The job is simple but the risk is high as some important parties have taken interest in the mission.  All you need to do is find a way to get the crimelord Nemro the Hutt to side with the Empire and sell the rich resources of Hutta to them.  Then back on Dromund Kaas, there’s no time to take a break as an insidious plot against Sith Council has been hatched right in the heart of Imperial space.  It’s up to the Agent and Imperial Intelligence to crack the case and stop these terrorists before they can execute their attack!

Chapter 1 (Review): A galaxy wide terrorist network is threatening the safety of the Empire and it’s up to Cipher-9 and Imperial Intelligence to stop them.  Traverse from world to world, breaking apart the terror cells and extracting information in hopes of finding the mastermind behind it all.  But no one will be prepared to face off with the true threat in the shadows.

Chapter 2 (Review): It’s back to work for Cipher-9.  This time on a deep cover mission to infiltrate the Republic SIS.  But nothing is ever simple for Imperial Intelligence, when betrayals, secrets and lies begin to pile, and your own mind has been compromised who can an Agent trust?

Chapter 3 (Review): Behind the Empire, behind the Republic, behind the war, the lies and the treachery is one organization.  A conspiracy older than the Emperor himself has appeared, and it’s up to Cipher-9 to unravel it and expose the puppetmasters.  But a secret order devoted to manipulating an entire galaxy isn’t about to risk everything without a fight.  Can you overcome the impossible odds and discover the truth? And once you do, what will you do with that knowledge?

Shadow of Revan: A figure from the past emerges from the shadows of Imperial Intelligence with a final mission – saving a friend from a terrible fate.

Bounty Hunter

Prologue (Review): The Great Hunt has been called.  The best bounty hunters in the galaxy aim to gather for riches and glory.  And you’re aiming to get an invite from Nemro the Hutt.  But no competition is complete without some sabotage.  It’s time to buck the odds and get yourself a way into that Hunt!  But the hardship doesn’t end there.  It seems once you arrive at Dromund Kaas to join the hunt another problem emerges.  There’s a handful of entrants but only one spot left.  Time to have a bounty-off.  Complete three bounties in record time and win yourself a spot in the Great Hunt!

Chapter 1 (Review): The Hunt begins! Travel the galaxy and compete against other bounty hunters to find and capture your targets. Set traps, follow tracks, and bring’em back dead or alive.  But an old “friend” from Hutta isn’t about to let up and just let you win.

Chapter 2 (Review): What’s left for the best of the best?  Well, how about access to The Black List?  Some of the most dangerous, meanest and most profitable bounties in the galaxy!  It’s time to get paid, hunter.  But watch out whose paths you end up crossing.  You don’t get to the top without making a few enemies, and they’re not about to forget and forgive… even if they are Jedi.

Chapter 3 (Review): Framed for murder and thrown to the wolves, the Supreme Chancellor has named you the Republic’s number one most wanted.  Now that the hunter has become the hunted, perhaps it’s time to get help.  Joining forces with a Sith lord on the front lines of the war, it’s time to take down some high profile Republic and Jedi targets in hopes of getting to the Supreme Chancellor and clearing your name or at least getting some good old fashioned revenge.

Shadow of Revan: Your old handler has been murdered.  Time for payback.

Rise of the Hutt Carel (Imperial Side)

The planet of Makeb is the sole source in the universe of a powerful energy source known as Isotope-5 and the Empire wants it.  Only one problem: The Hutt Cartel wants it too.  Oh, and did we mention that the planet is about to fall apart?  What’s an Imperial task force to do?

18 thoughts on “SWTOR Class Story Summaries

  1. I stumbled upon it after a long time searching, and I’m so glad I did! From one writer to another, I must say that you have compelling content that makes me want to keep reading. Instead of looking on Darth Hater for one article about one class or on SWTOR wikia for the same–not to mention some storylines that are poorly written, readers and SWTOR players can get the content they seek all in one fell swoop on your website! I sincerely hope you keep adding content to your website, because I, for one, will keep reading!

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words. I originally started this project because of it being very hard to find a simple, short, synopsis of what the story for each class was. And rest assured, while it does take me a while to get through the game (I only play when I actively want to as to avoid burnout) I do plan to get every class story summarized and reviewed.

      1. I’m still waiting for the continuation of the smuggler storyline and the imperial agent storyline as well. Do you still plan on doing it?

      2. Yes absolutely. The Smuggler chapter 2 & 3 reviews have rough drafts written already and I’ve been working on them. The Imperial Agent may take a while longer due to the rather unique method of playing through that storyline.

  2. I haven’t played a trooper yet, but, after your post, I am anxious to check it out. It might not be a toon I stick with, but I’m playing for legacy buffs abilities right now as well as trying to pick up companion bonuses for each toon on the way. I have played a sith warrior, jedi knight, and imperial agent completely through to the end and am now working on my SI and maybe sorc.

    1. The Inquisitor has a pretty cool story overall, but I will warn you – and I’ll get to this more so in my text review – for something originally pitched as being a Palpatine story of manipulation and cunning, you’re character is not be brightest bulb. Like they walk into obvious traps and have to be saved by someone else. Multiple times.

      That said I’ve heard actually that light side inquisitors have more of a manipulative take on events, where as the more insane “Maybe I am a Collocoid” dark side path leads to just senseless slaughter (and hilarious dialogue). So keep that in mind.

  3. Thank you. I may go LS later if I play a SI a second time, but I’m DS for now…and in a guild I really don’t want to leave just to go LS. Besides, I’m a Sith at heart…’cuz hey, Sith happens! But I have seen the cheesy dialogue, and, for now, I can look past it. I think the dialogue for the SW, which is my favorite class, has a more intelligent DS dialogue. (inrop8=Kevin Hewston, just so you know. inrop8@aol.com is my e-mail)

  4. Oh, crap, dude, you got me excited for LS, anyway. I’ll definitely check it out! Dialogue HAS to be better. HA! But maybe after I’ll finish DS, or it’ll become a permanent toon after I go thru all their stories once (at least).

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  6. mandoris

    This page is awesome, I played 2.5 classes at launch then burned out, coming back now and the ones I did play you explain great without ruining, and the other ones are really helping me decide what to pick up next.

  7. Nicholas Murphy

    I have been obsessed with Swtor after returning recently and I could not find any catch-up material that was halfway well written….then I discover this tucked away behind a dozen pages. None of them were as engaging as this, just goes to show the first results (or first dozen) aren’t always going to be the best.

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