is now!

A long time ago – namely around 2008 – I started this blog as a way of charting my strange and silly observations in the World of Warcraft. Be it an easter egg, an out of place detail, or just something that defied explanation. It was titled “OddCraft” because it was the Odd stuff in Warcraft. Duh.

However, as time moved on and my interests branched away from just WoW, I felt the need to expand on the site. After all, I began work on my Star Wars: The Old Republic Class Storyline Summaries which remain the second most popular thing on this entire website. I also wanted to talk about other games, share stories, and dive into various ideas I was having. This was no longer a Warcraft blog. So I changed the name to something that kept the spirit alive but also stated ‘This is its own thing’. Thus Land of Odd was born and along with it the domain.

The fact that wasn’t available should have been a tip however that the name was far from unique. Instead of becoming its own thing, it kind of just became another thing called “Land of Odd” which was very popular it turned out. I really had no idea when I changed the name. But I liked the name enough to stick with it. Under that name, I completed the SWTOR Story Summaries, I published my most popular content – the Final Fantasy XIV Story Summaries – and I began to do other projects like livestream and YouTube content.

So now after 13 years of working on this website, I’ve decided to rebrand once more. This time to something that is wholly unique and will forever stand as a name that will be synonymous with me as a creator: MY NAME! Or more specifically, my online persona – VRYKERION. A name that dates back almost as old as this blog itself. Originally a name I thought up for a Death Knight back in the days of WoW: Wrath of the Lich King. It was derived from two words that I thought phonetically sounded, well, awesome: VRYKUL and HYPERION. Thus my online identity was cemented and has truly stuck ever since. In any game I play there’s at least ONE character dubbed Vrykerion (usually my main if I have multiple).

So it’s with this long winded explanation that I would like to formally announce that LANDOFODD.NET has become VRYKERION.COM. No worries though, the address will remain active for about another year before it expires. Welcome to the new age of the blog! I may have dropped the ‘Odd’ from the title but rest assured, we keep it weird here.

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