Seussian Sillyness

In the middle of nowhere, in the backwaters of Winterspring,

Down in a gorge, I found the strangest thing.

Back in a corner, trying not to freeze,

I found the Lorax! He who speaks for the trees!

He is a bit taller than in that book that I read,

But despite his demonic appearance he did not want me dead.

He simply stood around glaring while his imp friend sold treats,

I felt sorry for him getting covered in sleet.

Thus I picked up my bow and fought through waves of elementals,

who respawned quite fast and it began to drive me mental.

But I finally reached the old Lorax and his little imp friend,

And paused but for a moment to think of how this conversation should begin.

I decided to ask how he came to be here,

and he just looked at me with a satyrical sneer.

He opened his mouth, out came fearful words of doom:

“Amir gul xi azrathud, karkun.”

After that I simply nodded and left the gorge,

Swearing not to come back, even if I was bored.

But on the way back to town, a quest giver gave me a goal,

To kill some named elemental back in that damned hole!

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