Revenge is Best Served Cataclysmal

For those with the sheer patience and willpower to endure last night’s launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, I’m sure you were bustling about and grabbing new professions, hoofing it to Hyjal or to Vashj’ir or rushing your way to realm first something or other.  Seriously, no sooner than I was able to finally log in during the Great Login Server Door Squeeze of 2010 that I was seeing Realm First Herbalism and I know for certain someone must have hit cooking before that.  Cooking was the first to go for everyone I think.  But while everyone rushed off to see the new stuff, I decided to take the opportunity of old world flight to visit an old foe.

Someone who has mocked me since I first starting playing this game in October of 2006.  Someone whose constant ravaging of my dwarven brothers has been a constant source of anger boiling deep within my black heart…   So with Old World Flying trained, I set forth on a mission of revenge:

3 thoughts on “Revenge is Best Served Cataclysmal

  1. Aaron Jordan

    Dude! Waiting for the Mammoth to move must have been lame. On Kel’Thuzad when we launched there was absolutely no way to click on the trainer. So what did we do? /target , then keybind “interact” and boom, get your flight trained and off to BRD for a grind!

  2. Lol!

    Glorious day indeed!
    I was at the Winterspring entrance to Mt Hyjal on Döra hoping for a momentous, memorable, epic, level-1 exploration of the zone. Ran a few yards in, died, and found myself at the Astrannaar graveyard. Pretty cataclysmic all-right – I think I cried. 😀

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