The Strange, Strange Policies of Trolls

This is how I see the world.
This is how I see the world.

LOCATION: Zul’Aman, Ghostlands


Since the early Blood Elf quests, there has been an on-going battle for the lands of Quel’thalas between the members of the Amani trolls and the Blood Elves.  This has been going on since the Second War.  The Amani has a massive empire just to the east of Quel’Thalas (Currently the region known as the Ghostlands).  Their empire is huge, what you get to see in Quel’Thalas is only the tip of the Trolls domain (Note that the Zul’Aman wall extends well into Eversong Woods as well), full of angry, bitter, troll warriors.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the trolls, who have had nothing to do but reproduce and train for the past decade, far out number the recently dwindled Blood Elf population.

So why don’t they just take over? Instead of setting up small encampments along the outside of their wall for easy pickings by the Farstriders?  The answer may come from looking merely at the  surroundings of their empire.

The gates of Zul’Aman are large enough so nothing can get to them, meanwhile the Blood Elf territories are bordered by the Plaguelands.  In fact, Dar’khan  and his cronies have easily set up a fortress in the elves’ own back yard.  What would the trolls benefit from grabbing up some already compromised land? It would be like passing up a fresh apple for one covered in bite marks that have already started to oxidize.   Eversong is nice, but the Dead Scar still shows that there’s nothing stopping the undead from returning.  They want a good return on their investment to invade.

Perhaps the mighty Amani empire isn’t as strong as it appears.  I mean, even with the channeling of their savage gods to enhance their power, their priests and leader were toppled by a group of loot hungry clowns with the assistance of 10 adventurers (Who are also loot hungry… and bear hungry).  But Silvermoon is not filled with level 70 NPCs (or players… that place is always SO empty), the best of the best of the Blood Elves went with Kael’thas to Outland, all that’s left to defend the their way of life is the three elves that are in charge, the Blood Knight leadership and trainees (And nothing in between), and a whatever stragglers weren’t strong enough to come with.

The point is, there’s no good reason for the trolls not to invade.  Other than a group of trolls standing around and making excuses:

“Why don’t we invade tuesday?”
“Tuesdays are no good for me, I got spear practice!”
“Oh, I got a dentist apointment to shine my tusks on Wednesday.”
“sigh…  Thursday?”
“That’s my son’s bar mitzvah!”
“You’re jewish?”
“Well, we can’t all be like those fancy paladins.”

…I got carried away. OO;;

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