Urgent Update on Silvermoon’s Cat Situation!

LOCATION: Silvermoon City, Eversong Woods


Ages ago I criticized the cats of Silvermoon, contemplating their purpose in the chic empire of the Blood Elves.  Well, my friends, I have an answer.

Wait... I thought the Magicians Apprentice starred a MOUSE.
Wait... I thought the Magician's Apprentice starred a MOUSE.

They. Are. Supervisors.

No joke.  The cats are the once who keep the brooms in line.  Just take a look at the photo.  The cats are watching the brooms intently, and spend the rest of the time doing nothing.  That sounds like supervisors to me.  Perhaps there are ranks of management above them, too.  Maybe the cats secretly report to the leper gnomes (You know, a perk to being enslaved and all) and the leper gnomes report to the succubi, and on upwards…  I doubt anyone reports to the broom. I mean, it’s a broom.  It doesn’t even have a brain.

Go ahead. Call me a broom-ist, but what are they gonna do? Clean me? HA HA!

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