The Spark of Rebellion – Final Fantasy II #2

Why do you fall, Firion? To remember to save! Catching up to where the previous episodes tragic end, Vry continues on his covert mission into the city of Fynn to learn the fate of the Kashuan prince – Scott. Seriously, what is it with the names in this game?

Full Stream Archive Here!

Opening Song: Hymn to the Crystals (OC Remix) by Rebecca E Tripp
Closing Song: Fiddlesticks Rag (OC Remix) by Diodes

You can find me on Twitter @Vrykerion and on Twitch where I record this footage live at

3 thoughts on “The Spark of Rebellion – Final Fantasy II #2

    1. Why thank you! I do plan on doing Shadowbringers as well. I usually wait until the expansion is completed or the next expansion has been released to put them out. (Namely, because I usually only level through the patch content once they add gear to them when the new expansion comes out so I don’t have to grind). But I’m already on 5.3 content, so I might have it out sooner this time.

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