I Guess It’s JUST A THEORY – Final Fantasy I #7

As we dive into the Mirage Tower, Vry reflects on the story of the game so far and has a few “Game Theories” of his own about what’s going on. Wait. What’s this? We need WHAT?! Ugh. Time to go fetch a stick.

Full Stream Archive Here!

Thumbnail Moogle Art Source: Winter-Artwork (https://www.deviantart.com/winter-artwork)
Opening Song: Hymn to the Crystals (OC Remix) by Rebecca E Tripp
Closing Song: Fiddlesticks Rag (OC Remix) by Diodes

You can find me on Twitter @Vrykerion and on Twitch where I record this footage live at Twitch.tv/Vrykerion


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