So… You’re Back?

So… I’m back.

Writing, updating whenever I have something to say – so sometimes frequently and sometimes not so frequently – and doing whatever I might think of doing.  Namely several forgotten or thought about projects (doing a Let’s Play, my long forgotten SWTOR plot synopsis, I hear the Horde might need another Warchief here soon…)

Yea but WHY are you back?

Long time readers will recall my intent to continue on my internet ramblings over on Tumblr.  Namely because I felt more comfortable throwing little bits of random content up on there that is no way a significant “blog post” but makes a fine “Tumblr post” or some such.  And I did that.  For like a while. You may have seen some of it.  The problem really became the more and more I got into it, that the general vibe of tumblr community was not what I was used to with the video game and namely WoW blogging community.  Posts of animated GIFs of Doctor Who or Supernatural, quirky memes, Homestuck (whatever the hell Homestuck is), and all these other fandom like things doing their own thing.  I felt like I had jumped in the deep end of a pool of Jello with no spoon and severely lacking whipped cream.  I still have my Tumblr account.  You can find it here as always.  And the posts from this blog will get posted on there too.

So are ALL your Tumblr posts going to come here?

Oh hell no. No no no. No.  Have you seen the majority of the stuff I put on Tumblr?  Not to mention the countless re-blogs and whatnot.  I might bring over SOME of the posts I made over there in the past few months, and maybe some of my Ask Vrykerion posts which are always good for a laugh.  But the majority of that stuff stays there.  And I’ll continue to add to that stuff.  I still mess around on Tumblr a bunch with re-bloggings and lolcats and blue ray discs and… stuff…  yea…


Leave? What leave?  I never left. I simply shifted venues! Didn’t you read?  I always kept this door open for possible future scribblings.  Heck, the old Oddcraft site still says it might be updated now and again but don’t expect anything constant. Worry not voices in my head, your lord and master has returnedeth.

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