The Land of Odd Apparently Has a Face

Apparently, The Land of Odd has a face. Why else would it be on Facebook?  That’s right. No longer does The Land of Odd have a dinky little profile on the FaceyPages (Still updating with every new post), but now it has a full fledge FAN PAGE!  That’s right, without having to “friend” a single soul, you too can now show and share your love of all things weird in Azeroth by simply “liking” (or whatever you kids do these days) The Land of Odd!  The The Land of Odd Fan Page will also update with new updates and anything else I can toss up there.

Find The Land of Odd on Facebook by clicking HERE or on the Facebook icon at the top of the page.

P.S.  We’ve switched over our Ratings system for each post to a simple Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down system.  This is mostly because all our ratings were either 5 stars or no stars, so it really didn’t make sense having a range between like or didn’t like (or laughed/Didn’t laugh if you prefer).

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