Flightmaster vs. The Zombies Redux

Or is a remake?  A retrospective?  I wouldn’t call it a comeback. It’s definitely one of the Re- things that Hollywood loves to do these days.  Anyway, a long time ago, in the distant year of Two-Thousand-and-Eight (It looks so much more epic spelt out like that!), when I was just starting this blog and it had a much longer name (Tales from Oddcraft), I had the fortunate happen-stance of flying over Shattrath City and the exact right time and captured this lovely footage.

During the Wrath of the Lich King event (Zombies! Zombies! ZOMBIES!), there was mass hysteria and much QQ about the death and destruction unleashed over five days of the Zombie Apocalypse before Putress decided to gather up his Royal Apothecary buddies and cure it (and keep a few notes about it for himself).  Early on in the event, zombies were able to turn several high priority NPCs into hideous monstrosities to wreak untold havoc on their fellow players.  This included Flightmasters.

Here in this Archival Footage provided by Gnomeregan Gnews, is a small glimpse of what happens when a Flightmaster butts heads with the Scourge War Machine (Spoiler: The Skyguard do not lift a finger to help.)

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