The Azerothian Patient

Extract Little Black Box. Requires Engineering 520.
Extract Little Black Box. Requires Engineering 520.

Location: Southbreak Shore, Tanaris

Faction: Neutral

One fine day, I got very bored and decided to see what the little stretch of land at the far south end of Tanaris was.  You know, the one that’s south of pirates, south of Uldum and on the otherside of the mountains with no actual means to enter it.  So I swam.

To be honest, Southbreak isn’t extremely impressive.  Lots of turtles and sand, the sight of a far off island even further south, and a crashed plane.  Wait… what?  That’s right, there’s a crashed gnomish plane on the deserted beach.  There’s really no sign of who or what it belonged to.  I took it upon myself to think up a story for it.

Perhaps it’s the last remnant of an escaped flying machine of a dwarf that fled the terrible Revenge of Gann Stonespire! Though damaged in the fighting, it limped on to Southern Tanaris but crashed on the beach.  The Dwarf, being badly injured, was treated to health by the nearby sea turtles. His beard turned green in the sea water, the pollutants of the flying machine changing his body, until he became a Sea Giant!

…Yea, probably not.  There were other possibilities that sprang to mind.  Such as the “Sunken Gnome City” off the coast.  If you haven’t heard of this one, if you go far out of bounds and under the sea off the east coast of Tanaris, there lies a sunken replica of the Shimmering Flats town, fully functioning (the gears and whatnot), only abandoned.  Some call it a glitch, some call it a GM stronghold, I chose to call it “Rapture“.

The plane could be there as an extremely off the beaten path (see: Conan Reference) allusion to the novel/book The English Patient.  Which I have neither seen or read, but I hear there’s alot about planes crashing in it.  It’s not that far fetched. After all, Blizzard did work in a Flowers for Algernon reference.

One thing is for sure, it’s a poor place to crash.  There’s nothing around it.  No road back to anything save for swimming all around the coast.  The poor soul who piloted this thing is lost to Davie Jones and the cuttlefish.

3 thoughts on “The Azerothian Patient

  1. Johanna

    I just have to say that I’ve become completely sold on your blog (!).

    Amazing and great reading 🙂

    //Christmas greetings from a Night Elf Priestess

  2. Nephrosis

    While you were down there did you notice the landmass to the Southeast?

    Well I did and I hopped on my charger and went to explore. There’s 2 small islands and a rig (kind of like the one in “The Sludge Fen”) between them not much else but some pirates and such.

    1. ajsexton

      I had a picture of them I was going to include, but it didn’t mesh well with the theme of the post. But yea, those islands are actually for the Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest line, and not much else. ^_^
      It’s not to be confused with the infamous GM Island which is currently situated far off the shores to Teldrassil. There’s also an Island on the other side of the southern mountains in Silithus that I need to visit to make a post about. The other neat thing to try on your charger is to head out west of Stranglethorn and check out the “lost island” over there. The island itself was removed from the game, but the zone name for it will still show up when you reach where it used to be.

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