Demons Need Love Too

Well, I suppose you cant just find it in your grocers freezer or anything.
Well, I suppose you can't just find it in your grocer's freezer or anything.

Location: Felfire Hill, Ashenvale

Faction: Neutral

If you ever needed a reason to actually read some of those quest items you randomly pick up through the game, this is a good one.  I decided to flip through a copy of “Diabolical Plans” that drop off various demons in Ashenvale and found it to have an insightful twist.  What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is a demon with a heart. One he did not rip out of another person’s chest, mind you.  No, this one is all his own.  And apperently is quite fond of not only writing love letters to ‘lashers’ (which are the succubus’ in the area) but does so with the blood of night elf virgins (Oh, are the Priestesses of Elune becoming endangered?)

I can’t exactly blame Diathorus.  As any warlock can tell you, succubi are hawt. As any patron of an Ironforge mailbox can tell you, Night Elves are hawt.  Wouldn’t you do the same in his shoes…  hooves…   feet?  Is Diathorus really such a bad guy?

Yes. Yes he is. He’s a frickin Demon.

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