Dirty Ol’ Priests

It must get lonely out here by himself...
It must get lonely out here by himself...

Location: Misty Pine Refuge, Dun Morogh

Faction: Alliance

Just off the road to Loch Modan you will find this strange little house on the side of the hill, it’s only occupant? A priest of the Argent Dawn, Father Gavin.  Now unless the Scourge Invasion is on, I haven’t seen an abundance of Argent Dawn agents outside of the Plaguelands.  Cause, ya know, that’s where the scourge is.  Yet as far back as I can recall, Father Gavin has been sitting around in Dun Morogh doing absolutely nothing.  No quests, no dialogue, he just stands there in the refuge.  One must wonder why, and that just so happens to be my speciality.

I think he may be a quasi-banished member of the Argent Dawn.  Sent to serve at the most pointless outpost in the Eastern Kingdoms.  Honestly, I’ve never seen an abundance of Scourge in Dun Morogh.  Unless the Troggs count as Scourge…  or Gnomes.  Maybe Gnomes nuked their own city so they could get closer to the dwarves in service to the Lich King!  But I suppose it wouldn’t make sense why they’re trying to reclaim it then.

...Very, VERY lonely.
...Very, VERY lonely.

One thing for sure is that Father Gavin must be getting lonely in his duties.  Even as a priest of the light, he seems to have given in to some more illicit temptations.  For instance, his painting inside the refuge.  It’s a nearly nude woman.  You don’t see stuff like that in the Cathedral of Light. Ever.  Perhaps that’s why he’s stuck in a frozen outpost in a completely seperate country from the rest of the Argent Dawn?  He couldn’t keep his staff sheathed.

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