Whats In a Last Name?

Location: Dalaran, Crystalsong Forest

Faction: Neutral

If there has ever been a point to envy the NPCs of Azeroth, it’s the fact they can have last names.  Sylvannus Windrunner, Muradin Bronzebeard, Cairne Bloodhoof…  even the random people in the inns can have last names.  But the players? Nope.  Never.  Closest we get is Titles, and as much as I enjoy being called Loremaster Exil or Bloodsail Admiral Vrykerion, it’s not exactly the same thing as Exil Williams or Vrykerion Thoriallus.

So it strikes me as interesting when an NPC doesn’t have a last name.  Sometimes it can be a cultural thing.  But when a well known figure who does have a last name chooses to not show it…  I kinda start getting curious.  Such is the nature of one Rhonin of the Kirin Tor.  He sits in Dalaran, saying next to nothing. He gives out one quest for a dungeon, and sends a box of potions for dinging 80.  All the while, the sole name RHONIN hanging over his head.

Is silent, strong and last-name-less-ness makes me wonder if he’s trying to stay incognito as a part of the Azeroth Witness Protection program for being a witness in fingering Kel’Thuzad in being in league with the Lich King.  After all, Kel’Thuzad was a well known mage of Dalaran before selling all his earthly belongings and becoming an emo hermit for the Cult of the Damned.  Not to mention his extensive work in both enraging the Burning Legion in his time traveling adventures and costing Deathwing every inch of upper hand he had cultivated for a era.  He’s not exactly the most well liked figure by the villains of Warcraft.

However, it might help Rhonin to be told that when you’re trying to hide from the most powerful beings in existence that all want you specifically dead, it’s not wise to hide as the leader of a giant floating city. Might as well mail directions to your house and the hours you’ll be there to them.  In fact, that’s kinda what he’s doing.  So why the heck would he hide his last name?  What could be so horrible about it?

As long as it’s not something stupid like Redhair.

Wait.  That is his last name.  Yeesh.  I retract my complaint. (Redhair? Really.  Did he have to dye his hair and beard to make it less stupid?)

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