Weirdness Ensues! Alien Abductions in Uldum?!

Uldum Residents Reported this Odd Event to the Gnomish paper, Weekly Word Gnews, but only the Land of Odd took the tip seriously! Wait... Really?

ULDUM, Kalimdor, July 2nd – People along the southern coast of Uldum were treated to a strange sight today.  A possible case for extraterrestrial life visiting this small blue marble called Azeroth that may or may not take place in the same universe as Starcraft.  After another routine visit from the Aspect of Death himself, witnesses spotted a strange occurrence of fire apparently levitating the air amongst the destruction.  Is this proof that aliens that can actual fly their spacecraft correctly are visiting Azeroth?  Or is this just Vrykerion’s extremely stretched attempt at making a bad pun about an old science fiction film while he stalls for a bigger post that he hopes to have up later this week?  You decide!

Of Boxes and Esoteric Quotes

While questing in the Blasted Lands the other day, I happened upon a quest where you have to sneak past the Alliance in a wooden box.  And by sneak, I mean just walk past while they gawk at you.  They didn’t seem to have the slightest inclination to believe a box moving on its own was anything to be suspicious or worried about.  I though that was weird.  I thought it was REALLY weird when they didn’t even notice the fact that A SINGING DANCING FLOWER WAS FOLLOWING THE BOX AROUND. /headdesk

Runner up quote was: “It was my destiny to be here – in the box – and then when I put it on, I suddenly got this feeling of inner peace. I can’t put it into words. I feel… safe. Like this is where I was meant to be. Like I’d found the key to true happiness.”

Bunny Ethics: Noblegarden & DEHTA

Just in time for Noblegarden, I present you with DEHTA’s newest ad campaign:

You would think it’d be enough for me to mock DEHTA about their shortcomings with Noblegarden last year, but I’ve had them slated for a good mocking for this item in particular for some time.  I used to actually wear them around so I could claim that anything I did was ethical – including slaughtering herds of wandering rhinos for their deliciously juicy meats.

Have a Happy Noblegarden everyone!

How Reforging Works

Well with 4.0.1 now live and all the craziness bouncing about with all the new options, glyphs going for 200g a pop, and target dummies crowded to the point where you feel like testing is more like a test of patience trying to target the dumb thing instead of seeing what your DPS is.  I decided that how best to address the new patch was to make an image illustrating how the new Reforging system works:

See, it’s surprisingly simple.

Eet Moar Chiken!

Due to a software problem (Firefox crashing), the 2000 word post of the Warchief Debate between Basic Campfire and Garrosh Hellscream was reverted to a meager 78 words long.  A solution has been reached (I’m going back to using Safari) and the post should be up later this weekend, however where does that leave us?  Well, I feel the great need to appease my always amazing audience when awkward announcements arise, so enjoy this photo.

Not even sure I can come up with an adequate way to describe that picture.  It was one of the weirdest moments in the game that wasn’t the result of my twisted imagination.  I was just sticking some herbs in the bank to free up my bags and then this boomkin shows up in the window and starts saying that – over and over and over.  I laughed of course, it was hilarious! Made me wonder why people even bother with stupid cheap laughs like sparking order of operations debates or saying “anal [whatever]” in trade chat when they could do stuff like this.  Well, I suppose no one gets angry about it, so it’s probably a moot point in Trade Chat, but yea.

But that’s not the only weird screenshot I’ve dug up from the bowels of my hard drive.  There’s this one that I’ve whipped out especially for the poor misguided souls at Mana Obscura, I Sheep Things and Gnomeaggedon:

This is what happens when my guild asks me to boost moral while defending Halaa. They know me, they shouldn’t have been surprised when I bust out in a demon worshipping sermon – especially when there’s a podium right there! (Why is there a podium in Halaa? I always thought it was like the government radio bunker that you need to take over to control the media in the country while staging a coup.  But it’s a very short range radio.  ‘Cause it’s just a podium.)  So my magey friends, is this enough to make you see the dark? JOOOOIIIIN UUUUUSSSS…

Anyway, that’s all. Just some fun pics from my screenshot collection to tide everyone over until the Debate post is completely re-written because of fire-$#%&-fox. And again, my apologies!

Shared Topic: Triage and You!

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So when should the healer let someone die?  Well assuming this means occassions other than when they make fun or insult your class, race, capability to heal, sexual prowess or haircut than I would have to say it’s a pretty clear cut case for me.  To illustrate how simple it is, I made a flowchart (because simple things always need a flow chart):

See how simple that is?  Umm… well…  It was simple when I thought of it.  Allow me to attempt to simplify!  Ahem.  DON’T BE STUPID AND YOU WILL BE HEALED.  Does that work?  However, I don’t just play a healer.  Less we forget the sheer awesomeness that is Puff the Gnome Death Knight!

So how would I make a chart for a cute adorable death knight?  Well, it would have to much more complicated than the healer one.  Simply because of the myriad of conditionals and options that would go into healing as a Death Knight.  Let me see if I can sum this one up also as a flow chart:

There we go! That should clear things up pretty much.  So there you have it.  A simple way to decide whether or not to heal or not to heal for both actual healers and Death Knights.  However, I should stress that these do not hold up always in a raid environment. Because in a raid environment, you can always just let the other healers deal with it, and then blame them when it goes wrong.  Not that I do that, but it is a valid strategy when it comes to triage.

Also, it’s easier to let people die if you’re good looking.  I learned this from watching E.R. *nodnod*

Who woulda thought it figures?

So Anea (of Oh Look, An Alt!) came up with this delightful idea of putting screenshots and music lyrics together for various effects.  Soon as I saw it, I knew the shot to whip out of my dusty and never ending pile of screenshots:

It’s a nerf two patches too late. It’s ten thousand hunters when all you need is a shaman.  It’s meeting the tank of your dreams in a random and then meeting his magnificent guild… on another server.

Stormwind Tour begins tomorrow! See you then! 😀