Shared Topic: Triage and You!

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So when should the healer let someone die?  Well assuming this means occassions other than when they make fun or insult your class, race, capability to heal, sexual prowess or haircut than I would have to say it’s a pretty clear cut case for me.  To illustrate how simple it is, I made a flowchart (because simple things always need a flow chart):

See how simple that is?  Umm… well…  It was simple when I thought of it.  Allow me to attempt to simplify!  Ahem.  DON’T BE STUPID AND YOU WILL BE HEALED.  Does that work?  However, I don’t just play a healer.  Less we forget the sheer awesomeness that is Puff the Gnome Death Knight!

So how would I make a chart for a cute adorable death knight?  Well, it would have to much more complicated than the healer one.  Simply because of the myriad of conditionals and options that would go into healing as a Death Knight.  Let me see if I can sum this one up also as a flow chart:

There we go! That should clear things up pretty much.  So there you have it.  A simple way to decide whether or not to heal or not to heal for both actual healers and Death Knights.  However, I should stress that these do not hold up always in a raid environment. Because in a raid environment, you can always just let the other healers deal with it, and then blame them when it goes wrong.  Not that I do that, but it is a valid strategy when it comes to triage.

Also, it’s easier to let people die if you’re good looking.  I learned this from watching E.R. *nodnod*

14 thoughts on “Shared Topic: Triage and You!

  1. You forgot the all-important…
    “Did you just pull after I said I needed mana and sat down to drink?”
    That’s an automatic die, really, because I will mana back up to full before I start healing you.

    Otherwise I liked the charts very much.

    1. Vrykerion

      I more or less intended that to be the “Do I have Mana” part. 😀 But yes, ditching the drinking healer does not bode well for your life expectancy, hence why it takes priority in the flow chart over “Are You the Tank”. 😀

  2. Nice flowcharts! They -are- very colorful.

    Plus the DK one can also work for…
    – Herbalists who aren’t healing classes
    – Self-centered DPS priests, druids, shaman, and paladins
    – Pets, of the hunter/warlock varieties


  3. Realistically, the second flowchart is accurate for any DPS class. With very few exceptions, a dps should play with this priority in mine: first, stay alive; second, maximize damage (aggro managment comes under the first category). We might make fun, but a smart dps (even so-called-selfish dps priests) plays by that chart.

  4. Evensong

    In my healing “youth” I struggled with guilt when someone would die, regardless of whether it was my fault or not. I’m thankful someone gave me the advice to make my own “healing priority list” for it makes things far less complicated. Funny and so very true, I love your flow charts. 🙂
    .-= Evensong´s last blog ..Why do you play your class =-.

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  7. Well, if it’s the tank that’s not in LoS (for a somewhat decent reason) it might not be a bad idea to move over to them and heal them. DPS that are out of LoS annoying me very much. I’d still try to heal them, but I’m too nice.
    .-= Tomkr´s last blog ..PvP Retribution Spec =-.

    1. Vrykerion

      Yes, the key is a somewhat decent reason. Pulling around a pillar? Yea, I can step two steps and heal you. Running down the hall and pulling the next room before the healer has even noticed you left previous room? No. No mercy.

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    1. Vrykerion

      I make them in photoshop fairly easily. Just using the marquee tool to make the lines and boxes, the polygonal select for the arrows, and then adding the black outline in the layer options (It’s like stroke or something if I recall).

      These two took me about 20 minutes to do after I had figured out on paper how to lay them out properly.

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