Eet Moar Chiken!

Due to a software problem (Firefox crashing), the 2000 word post of the Warchief Debate between Basic Campfire and Garrosh Hellscream was reverted to a meager 78 words long.  A solution has been reached (I’m going back to using Safari) and the post should be up later this weekend, however where does that leave us?  Well, I feel the great need to appease my always amazing audience when awkward announcements arise, so enjoy this photo.

Not even sure I can come up with an adequate way to describe that picture.  It was one of the weirdest moments in the game that wasn’t the result of my twisted imagination.  I was just sticking some herbs in the bank to free up my bags and then this boomkin shows up in the window and starts saying that – over and over and over.  I laughed of course, it was hilarious! Made me wonder why people even bother with stupid cheap laughs like sparking order of operations debates or saying “anal [whatever]” in trade chat when they could do stuff like this.  Well, I suppose no one gets angry about it, so it’s probably a moot point in Trade Chat, but yea.

But that’s not the only weird screenshot I’ve dug up from the bowels of my hard drive.  There’s this one that I’ve whipped out especially for the poor misguided souls at Mana Obscura, I Sheep Things and Gnomeaggedon:

This is what happens when my guild asks me to boost moral while defending Halaa. They know me, they shouldn’t have been surprised when I bust out in a demon worshipping sermon – especially when there’s a podium right there! (Why is there a podium in Halaa? I always thought it was like the government radio bunker that you need to take over to control the media in the country while staging a coup.  But it’s a very short range radio.  ‘Cause it’s just a podium.)  So my magey friends, is this enough to make you see the dark? JOOOOIIIIN UUUUUSSSS…

Anyway, that’s all. Just some fun pics from my screenshot collection to tide everyone over until the Debate post is completely re-written because of fire-$#%&-fox. And again, my apologies!

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