Shadowbringers Story Summary Part 1 Now LIVE!

On Monday night, I put a poll on my Twitter asking people whether they would prefer the Shadowbringers Story Summary to be released all at once at a later date or for it to be released piece by piece as they were ready. The latter was overwhelmingly the choice with 75% of the vote. So with that decision in mind, I’m happy to announce that the First Part of the Shadowbringers Story Summary is now available to enjoy.

This story summary appears to be taking longer than I had originally hoped and planned because of the sheer size of it. The Shadowbringers story is immense. For example: this first part comprises the start of the Main Scenario to the first dungeon – roughly levels 70 to 71 – and is already larger than half of the base 4.0 Stormblood Story Summary. For that reason, I don’t have an exact time table for these releases. I am actively replaying the story on my alt (pictured) to try and double check I didn’t miss anything with my notes (Turns out I did. A lot.)

That said I will keep everyone apprised of the updates via blog posts like this one. In the mean time, if you are hungry for more Final Fantasy content, I could recommend the Land of Odd’s very own Final Fantasy Retrospective. I just finished Final Fantasy II on the stream archive and the edited videos release every #FinalFantasyFriday over on the main YouTube channel with the second game in the series looking to wrap up at the end of September. Final Fantasy III will be starting soon over on my Twitch channel. Hope you can come and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Shadowbringers Story Summary Part 1 Now LIVE!

  1. Daraxi

    I like your summaries! They’re so great for helping me remember and absorb the story.

    I would just note that wherever you’ve referred to “Lyna” (captain of the guard) you’ve used “Lyne” instead. I kept thinking “Lyne AND Ryne? That can’t be right.”

    1. Oh man, I did end up accidentally smooshing those two together, didn’t I? Which is weird because I even pronounced it “Lyna” when I read it back in my proofreads. Brain must have had a crossed wire. Great catch! I’ve gone ahead and fixed it. Lyna has had her name restored!

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