Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Summary Update

Do you know how insanely flattering it is that not a week has gone by in the past few MONTHS that someone doesn’t chime in via some form of interaction to ask if I plan to do a Stormblood story summary?

I just want all of you who have asked that I have read all of your comments and messages and whatnot and though I haven’t replied to all of them – they always put a smile on my face.

That said, I wanted to update everyone on whats going on with the Stormblood Story Summary here at the Land of Odd.  Namely, that YES there will be one.  I’ve already got a good chunk of it outlined and a few sections already have a detailed write up.

But – just like with the Realm Reborn and Heavensward stories – I only play through all the patch content stories after the next expansion is released.  I do this for two major reasons:  1) It keeps it all fresh in my mind going into the new expansion. and 2) They always update the Main Scenario quests to give out really solid gear that will get you through all the dungeon and trial bits that you need to do for the story and starts the expansion with a solid set of gear.  Not to mention I collect the appearances for glamours and what not.

(In case the question crosses your mind as to WHY my gear is so out of date…  well, I’m quite casual.  I spend a lot of time in game leveling my other jobs and crafting.  Decorating my cottage. And I play other games as well.  FFXIV isn’t my sole MMO let alone my only game. *shrug*)

So rest assured that the story summary IS coming, but you might have to wait a bit into Shadowbringers to see it.  Don’t worry, I’m not diving into Shadowbringers new stuff until all the Stormblood business is behind us.

To quote Yoshi-P, please look forward to it. 😀

Also, I’ve been trying to get back into streaming and youtube now that I’ve got new editing software to work with.  I might try and stream going through the Main Scenario once I get going through it.  Would anybody interested in any of that? We could chat and I could share my thoughts as we were going through and I was making notes and whatnot.  Just a thought.

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