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…You’re probably all wondering where I’ve been huh?  Or maybe you haven’t cared at all.  That’s a valid response to a missing person.  I guess.  Anyway, those of you on twitter might know that my real life has been catching up to me.  Like a lot.  I am in a wonderful relationship, I’ve been back in school trying to get a certificate, and I’ve been playing a LOT of games both on the table top and digitally.

So believe me when I say that I’ve been wanting to update this blog a LOT, and for like a while.  But every time I sit down to write something, well…  I don’t have the time or patience to come up with something to say.  I used to wax poetic (okay, I waxed limerick) about any little thing, but some of the old old old Oddcraft posts (and hats off to you if you’ve stuck with me that long) took almost an entire day of just brainstorming a way to make a dam with three heads on it funny.

Okay, now you’re all probably giving me that ‘Oh Vry’s claiming to quit blogging again better bust out the tiny violin’ BUT NO! I ain’t quittin.  Nuh uh.  Not in the least.  I’ve simply changed tactics.  Instead of writing big elaborate fancy blog posts… I’ve downsized to small quirky Tumblr posts.  Oh yes.  I’ve switched my activities to tumblr.  But the weirdness goes on!  Just in bite sized portions.

As for this blog,  well, she ain’t goin anywhere.  Never say never as a French pigeon once told me.  Who knows how far down in the future I might want to spruce up this blog and do something “real” and “serious” for a while.  Never know, right?  But I felt I owed to those brave souls that actually chose to follow my ramblings that you can still find more weirdness from the Hat on topics including, but not limited to:  WoW, TOR, Rift, D&D, Movies, Cartoons, Anime, Doctor Who, video games, video game news, Doctor What, Funny thoughts, Silly Pictures, Silly thoughts, Funny pictures, Doctor Where, science, rants, things I like, things I don’t like, Doctor Why, aaaaand  probably not sports. Never cared for sports.  Except golf.  How weird is that?

Anyway, if you want to find my fancy little Tumblr and see more weird noises and scribblings from Vrykerion (Me.) simply click the big link below.  From there you can either follow me as a Tumblr user by clicking “Follow” (fancy that) or you can subscribe to the weird by clicking the little RSS icon on the right hand side.

Hope to continue to bring you smiles, laughs, and something to show the Judge and say ‘Look, at least I’m not THIS guy’.

That Tumblr I Spent An Entire Post Talking About

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