Questions and Answers… Of Sorts

Okay, things have been quiet around here for a while.  The halls of the internet echo with whispers and questions about what fate may have happened to the Man in the Awesome Hat.  Well, allow me to answer some of these mutterings, as well as some other questions I’ve seen pop up from google searches…

Where the #$%& Have You Been?

Real life caught up to me.  I don’t know what else to say.  I’ve gotten into a wonderful relationship with a fantastic girl, I’ve got a D&D game going full steam, and somewhere in there I still try to level my characters in TOR, WoW and DDO as well as play other games.  Life is just… full at the moment.

What the #$%& Does This Mean For the Blog?

Honestly? I haven’t a clue.  I don’t want to abandon this blog.  The name and the spirit of which stay true in my opinion.  It’s not always funny, but I’d like to think it’s always a bit weird.  I’m not always funny, but I am ALWAYS weird.  So I’d like to keep it.  Much like Oddcraft, it might become one of those things I just update whenever.  I don’t know yet. That’s what I’m working on figuring out right now.

What’s the #$%&-ing Plan?

What did I just say!?!  Okay, okay, okay.  Here’s one idea I’m tossing around.  I have no idea if it’s any good, so why don’t you tell me.  A video.  Once a week, I do a video.  Dunno when, but sometime during the week.  It could be a long video, it could be a short video.  It might be talking about video games, or comic books, or a cartoon, or it just might be a ‘Vry Rants’ or even a few ‘Ask Vrykerions’ in there.  All depends on what I’m feeling.  That’s one idea. How’s that?

Other Questions From Google Search Hits:

Is Adventure Time Really a Post-Apocalyptic Earth?

Yes.  It is.  This is not a “Theory”.  This is a stated flat out fact by Pendleton Ward, creator of the show, during an interview with Wizards of the Coast:

Adventure Time is about two buds, a young paladin in training named Finn and his shapeshifting dog Jake. They live in “Ooo” which is post-apocalyptic Earth, after the bombs have dropped and magic’s come back into the world.

There’s no if’s or maybe’s there.  The show takes place on Post-Apocalyptic Earth.  No discussion needed.  Now the real fun is trying to piece together what happened…

Is Dr. Caitlin Fairchild a lesbian in the New 52?

No clue.  At least not officially.  It came up as a possibility a few times in the Superboy comics, where Rose Wilson implies that they may have been something more than just friends, and again during The Culling crossover when Rose confronts Caitlin about being betrayed by someone you care deeply about.  However, since Caitlin got her own book with The Ravagers, it hasn’t really come up again.  They’re too busy drawing her in bikinis for no particular reason.  So the answer is… Possibly?  Let’s just hope if she is, we get something better than introducing us to her lover and then immediately killing said lover off. (I’m sorry, Alan Scott.  I really, really am.)

What is the first breather mask you get in SWTOR?

While the earliest you can technically get one is level 10 if you are a Sith Juggernaut and have a Legacy level of 10 from the Legacy armor vendors on Dromund Kaas, beyond possible random drops I know for certain there is at least one for both medium and heavy armor on the Nar Shadaa commendation vendor.  It’s moddable, which is the one I used for my bounty hunter by switching everything out for +Aim stuff.  There might be one from a quest… No clue there.

Gnome Death Knight names?

Find something cute or technology-y, like Puff or Sprocket, and then add the word “Death” to it.  If it’s already taken, try shortening Death to Deth.

“Swtor Darth Zash Sex”?

Uhh…  Female? O_O;;; (How did this lead you to my blog again????)

3 thoughts on “Questions and Answers… Of Sorts

  1. Aaron Jordan

    I think you should do whatever makes you happy. If doing videos instead of text does the trick, do that. I enjoy reading/watching your stuff when I get the chance, so my self serving opinion would be to carry on!

  2. Hi, I ran across your blog while desperately searching for Adventure Time screen savers. I’ve just recently discovered this awesome show and thanks for that bit-o-info. Thought you might be interested in an uber geek book called Ready Player One. I’m sure you’ve heard if not read of it since you work in a bookstore. Read it if you haven’t!

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