This Sounds Odd

Lately, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing something different here on the ol’ blog.  Too many of my posts have become huge rambling walls of texts with not enough funny in them for my liking.  Take the Thundercats post.  There’s like… nothing funny in it.  Why read it?  So you know that Thundercats are awesome? You already know that!

However, these long and ranty posts are often just text versions of my very long real life rants.  So I asked myself, “Vry, why are you essentially ranting twice and spending all this time writing out these rants and depriving your goodly readers of t3h funniez?”  I thought I had a good point.  “Also Vry, you should stop talking to yourself.”  Shut up, brain.

That’s when I recalled several comments people would give me when I went on one of my long winded rants in college.  They would simply look at me in wide eyed fear and wonder and say “Why don’t you have a talk show?”  A TALK SHOW! Of course!  Why not simply record my rants, and thus not have to transcribe them! Genius!  So I got the idea to do…  a podcast!

Even better, I could include my friends in the podcast in ways I could never do in the text posts.  Heck, my friend and I once had a 90 minutes conversation on how we would “Fix” the ending of the Harry Potter series (We subsequently ended up re-doing the entire second half of the series), but imagine listening to that conversation!  It was epic, I assure you.

Ultimately, I would be able to get more down to smaller, crazier and hopefully funnier posts while keeping the insane rantings of a mad man parsed out to those who want to listen to them.

But in the end of the day it comes down to you, my loyal and goodly readers, to decide.  It’s gonna cost me $50 to get a decent headset to record with, so it does have some investment.  So vote now!

5 thoughts on “This Sounds Odd

  1. Bexx

    I just voted for you to keep it in text because I never listen to podcasts, not because I don’t think you’re podcast wouldn’t be awesome. I just personally really prefer the written medium, but if you think doing a podcast would be lots of fun I definitely think you should go for it!

    1. The podcasts wouldn’t be frequent (maybe 1 a month or something) and the written stuff wouldn’t vanish. The written stuff just wouldn’t be the long winded rants, and be more like the shorter sillier stuff. 🙂 Just thought I should clarify that.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Gaz!

      I’ll look into it, but keeping myself under 15 minutes will be a difficult task. You may have noticed I don’t like to shut up. ^_^

  2. I voted for text, simply because I don’t have the patience to listen to podcasts. Also, text is way, way easier to focus on when I’m at work.

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