The Mystery of the Giant Dragonblight Skeleton

One Hundred Oddities ago I started a little blog for me to tell my silly stories and post my strange little theories so some jolly ‘net wanderer might get a few chuckles from it.  100 Oddities later, I have my own web site, I have regular readers, and I have a twitter!  So for 100 oddities of sheer wacky, demented fun, I say thank you to everyone who has every come across my site, to my regular readers an especially big thank you.  That being said, let’s proceed to my 100th Oddity…

Back when I first started this site, there was one weird thing that I had seen while traversing Northrend that I was determined to save for something special.  It was one unexplained thing that started all of these thoughts and desires to explore all the other unexplained things in Azeroth.  Just off the southern coast of the Dragonblight, along where the Path of the Titans shatters and sinks deep into the ocean floor, there is a massive dragon skeleton.  So big, that you can actually see it on the mini map.  This colossal dragon of unknown origin was the progenitor for all of Oddcraft, so with that said, I’d like to give you my very special 100th Oddity…  video:

Thank you all for 100 great fun posts! Here’s looking forward to the end of the Warchief Election next month, and the next 100 weird things we dig up together! (Speaking of digging up…  Archeology Oddities…  Oh yes…)


2 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Giant Dragonblight Skeleton

  1. Congrats on 100!

    I also had seen that huge skeleton in the ocean, and wondered why there were no references to it… and any idea where that ruined Titan highway nearby was supposed to lead to? It just kind of wanders off into the ocean.

    1. Vrykerion


      The Path of Titans is a weird one alright. I know that it leads to the Strand of the Ancients but it actually keeps going past that. My own theory is that it once connected the three titan facilities at Ulduar, Ulduman and Uldum. You can kind of make out where the path once lead towards Ulduar (Now broken at the entrance of the Crystalsong Forest, but you can see some similar looking ruins at the lower areas of the Storm Peaks.) If the Path leads down through the Northern Islands (where the Strand is theoretically located), it’s not hard to see it heading down into what are now the Eastern Kingdoms (recalling that the three continents used to be a single landmass) but most of the trail was probably destroyed/buried over time.

      That’s just a theory of course, and hopefully Uldum in Cataclysm might explore the concept of the ‘Path of the Titans’ more. Who knows (Well… the Beta people probably do… I guess *pout*)

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