Love the Goblins, Hate the Needles

I dont know whats worse. The poor attempt at impressionism, or the knife throwers aim.
I don't know what's worse. The poor attempt at impressionism, or the knife throwers aim.

Location: Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale

Faction: Neutral

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like Booty Bay.  Yes, I know, I spent hours slaughtering their Bruisers and leaders to get a fancy looking hat, but in the end, I really do enjoy their city.  It’s a one of a kind place.  Look at almost every other goblin town, be it Gadgetzan, Area 52 or K3 and they roughly all have the same Mos Eisley Spaceport look and feel to them (Ratchet is the exception, but judging from the number of empty buildings in that place, my guess is the Goblins “invested” in it rather than built it).  Booty Bay is a pirates town alright, like an Azerothian Tortuga, and there’s pirate grudges and feuds all about.

The oddest grudge I’ve found there though can be found in one of the houses a stones throw from the inn.  Inside is a large painting of what appears to be Thousand Needles, and daggers flung into it.  Now, I’ve heard of fearing or hating a place because of what’s there (Silithids, Worgen,  billions of skeletons, and lag come to mind for a few places around Azeroth) but all that’s in 1K Needles is Goblins and Tauren. One runs Booty Bay and the other can’t figure out that’s flying lizard mommies produce flying lizard babies.  So what could these people possibly have against 1K Needles?

Well, Goblins are the business men (Dirty, backstabbing, make-profit-at-all-costs business men, but business men none the less) and while I’m sure they would never rename the ThermoSapper XL 4000 as the Almost Certain To Blow Off Your Hand 4000, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were hypocritical enough to demand truth in advertising. I mean, there are NOT a thousand of those stone pillars there.  At all.  Why even lie like that?  Is it gonna be any less impressive to say Dozen Needles?  I mean, even if the name isn’t that impressive, look at the size of those things!  Maybe they’re just grumpy because of their inability to count to a thousand?  I mean, I know a goblin probably could, but what about the non-goblin pirates in the Cartel?  They exist! I see them all over Booty Bay! Maybe they can’t count to one thousand and they see 1K Needles as mocking them.

The other reason is maybe the Goblins agree with an earlier post of mine, that 1K Needles should be split up and the Shimmering Flats be turned over into part of Tanaris instead.  The Cartel does have a town there.  Perhaps the control of the Shimmering Flats is the background behind this distaste of 1K Needles!  Yes! That surely must be it!

Wait… wait… wait…  what if they just don’t like paintings? Or that paticular artist?  Maybe there’s a secret message like in the DaVinci Code and the goblins of Booty Bay are trying to keep it secret?  Dang, I guess there’s too many perfectly rational explanations to narrow this one down.

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