Man is in the Forest

Its fortunate for this lot that Nesingwary is busy in the Sholazar Basin.
It's fortunate for this lot that Nesingwary is busy in the Sholazar Basin.

Location: Near the Westfall Brigade Encampment, Grizzly Hills

Faction: Neutral

Tired of slaughtering legions of undead monstrosities?  Exhausted from battling the endless waves of Blue Flight?  Well, how about a trip down memory lane with some children’s cartoons?  That’s right. In the midst of the war zone of damnation and suffering that is Northrend, the cute and cuddly world of Disney has come to pay us a visit.

For those of you who still can’t get it from the picture, that’s the WoW version of the Bambi team (Bambina = Bambi, Thudder = Thumper, Flora = Flower).  But sadly not all is going so well for the team of cheerful singing animals, as history is always bound to repeat itself.

You see, there’s a little event that ties into these characters.  Every now and then, a hunter from the Westfall Brigade will appear and shoot Bambina’s mother.  The animals will cry out for vengeance and Bambina will murder the Hunter that did his mom in.  I don’t exactly REMEMBER that part of the movie, but it’s been a while.

The other strange joke I found was actually not in the game in the least, but in proxy to it.  There’s a scene in the original Bambi where the young deer attempts to say the word ‘BIRD’  however, the best he can muster out at first is BUR.  Which of course, is what the Horde see when the Alliance laugh at them. (LOL somehow becomes BUR…  I would have that it would be RUR or BUB, similar to the Horde KEK, but shows what I know)

So it’s no surprise that when my Blood Elf Warlock first encountered these four, my finger dove for my Seed of Corruption hot key.  A simple explosion later, and not only had I finished off Bambina’s mother, but Bambina as well.  Now who will become the Prince of the Forest? Man. Man will.  MWA HA HA HA!!!

(For the record, I also rooted for Tim Curry in Ferngully.)

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