The Keg Inspector Cometh

Location: The Bazaar, Silvermoon City

Faction: Horde

Silvermoon City is full of strange characters that really don’t serve any purpose.  It adds to the atmosphere of the place (unlike Ironforge’s dozens of completely empty homes).  One such character is Rarthein.  There is no secrets behind his name or his existence.  He just wanders around the Bazaar’s couple of buildings checking the extremely randomly placed barrels of what I can only assume is wine.

It’s a bit like Sisyphus. He is doomed to spend an entire walking around and inspecting these kegs.  I don’t know what he’s looking for.  He normally just bends down and looks at them.  He could be checking if they are full. But he does this constantly.  If it was full, I doubt it will be empty in 10 minutes!  One must wonder what he had to do to get this job.  It has to be some kind of elaborate punishment.  Perhaps he was caught with his pants down with some important elf?  Maybe he wasn’t happy, I hear that’s illegal in Silvermoon.

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