About Me…

I am Vrykerion.  I suppose that goes without saying.  I am a sentient hat that has spent nearly two decades hopping from host to host in order to facilitate their digits to enjoy gaming and writing, while seizing control of their optics to watch enjoyable bouts of cartoons, anime, and 80’s Sword & Sorcery movies that were never good but are shockingly charming.

About the Blog…

VRYKERION.COM is a blog that used to be titled The Land of Odd and before that, Oddcraft.  It was  a collection of strange observations from around World of Warcraft, but has since expanded out to include things like animation, other video games and mmo’s, comic books and Dungeons & Dragons…  Pretty much anything that could be described as ‘Geeky’ or ‘Nerdy’.

Expect to find the same weirdness as before, the same silly pictures, and  the same head-to-desk inducing rants, only on a much wider variety of topics.

Some of my most popular content includes the Star Wars: The Old Republic Class Story Reviews/Summaries and the Final Fantasy XIV story summaries.

Creative Commons License
The Land of Odd is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

2 thoughts on “Info

  1. It’s been literally years since you posted regularly, and I unfortunately found you too late, but I just want to say I love your blog! When I first played SWTOR, your reviews kept me going through the…. less entertaining routes (trooper) and gave wonderful insight into the rest. Thanks for everything you do/have done! I continue to check out this blog whenever I replay routes on SWTOR and continue to find your reviews funny and interesting every time. 🙂

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