Basic Campfire Makes A Simple Statement

While Garrosh Hellscream has been promoting his platform of the Horde dominance across all of Azeroth, the other camps have been scrambling to get their own campaign advertisements out in order to match him.  Word has it that it Thrall has been focus testing a number of slogans that would match Garrosh’s appeal to the Horde’s sense of honor but also invoke the message of peace.

On the other hand, Deathwing – I mean Davan Prestor – has declared that puny ads mean nothing when raw power is on his side and Richard Knaak has stated in interviews that if he loses the election, he’ll just retcon it in his next book.  However, we did see the appearance of Basic Campfire’s new campaign ad this week.  It poses a powerful philosophical statement about the Campfire’s view about the direction that the Horde should take:

This profound message invokes a number of images.  Yes, we must cook our food in order to survive.  Yes, even the simple cooks deserve a place in this newest Horde. Yes! We must show Care Over Other Koncerns! Well, I may be stretching that last one a bit.  But it is a powerful verb to represent what I’m sure is a very powerful campaign.  However, when I took the time to show the new ad around the Undercity to ask about what the Forsaken thought of Basic Campfire’s new message, I found a very different tune that what I had been hearing in Kalimdior.

For the most part the Forsaken found the ad absolutely offensive.  Saying that cooking denoted eating, and that since the Forsaken aren’t alive – Well they don’t really have to eat.  They do eat, but they don’t have to. Except for the ones without lower jaws.  They’re upset because they can’t even eat if they wanted to. But it seems it’s not in the interest of Basic Campfire’s political career to remind the undead of these things.

In order to see if there were some kind of consensus about this from the formerly-living, I decided to ask the Knights of the Ebon Blade what they thought of the campaign.  They were not offended.  They simply laughed at me and asked if we were really considering electing a couple of logs that have been set on fire as a warchief.  After explaining the other candidates to them, Highlord Darion Mograine himself pledged his support for Basic Campfire.  So I guess not all undead are resurrected equal.

That’s all from the Warchief Election News Headquarters here at Oddcraft.  Your regularly scheduled Stormwind Tour should be up soon.  Lok’tar Ogar and have a nice day.

Warchief Election: Garrosh Makes First Move

The battle lines have been drawn, hats thrown into the ring and a royal rumble of Horde politics have begun! With a record number of five candidates running for the coveted position of Warchief this fall, each camp has been rushing to win over voters hearts and minds.  Ironically, the only camp we haven’t seen much movement coming from is the Basic Campfire camp, which is making us all wonder if inanimate objects have a harder time making decisions quickly. However, despite the mad grab for voters attention, one group has proven to be a clear winner to be the first to put out a campaign ad.  That would be the Hellscream camp offering us this poster:

A powerful statement to be sure and one that has caused a wave of debate across the streets of Orgrimmar.  While some have stated that this is simply more of the war mongering mentality that we have seen from Garrosh Hellscream in the past, others are seeing this as a completely valid point.  A member of the Kor’kron Guard had this to say, “I fought along side the warchief and a group of heroes in the Battle for the Undercity.  After that human king tried to attack us, Warchief Thrall seemed heartbroken.  Over the fact that the Alliance didn’t like us! I honestly can’t remember the last time the Alliance DID like us.  I appreciate what the Warchief has done for us, but I don’t want a leader that gets weepy eyed when it turns out that someone doesn’t like us.  How would that mentality have worked against the Silithids?”

This orc is not alone in his belief that a change may be needed in order for the Horde to survive.  However, the support backing Warchief Thrall is still outnumbering Garrosh supporters by a great deal, and also the onset of voter apathy has begun to set in.  Wandering the streets of Orgrimmar you’ll find orcs that if asked their opinions on the election will simply stare at you for a second and ask, “Something need doing?”  Perhaps if Garrosh can win the hearts of these apathetic peons he’ll stand a chance against the current poll leaders: Incumbent Thrall and Basic Campfire.

Want to show your support for Garrosh or one of the other candidates? Get your Warchief Election Buttons Here!

Get Your Warchief Election 2010 Buttons!

Earlier today I decided to blow off some steam at work by coming up with a series of campaign ads for different candidates for Warchief.  They turned out to be quite popular around the Twitter-sphere, so I thought I’d make up some campaign buttons for those who wanted to show their support!  Each one features one of the candidates: Thrall, Garrosh, Basic Campfire, Deathwing, or Richard Knaak, as well as a small slogan for their campaign.  Grab the one you want or a ZIP file of all 5 at the bottom and show support for your candidate of choice!  Also, if you use one on your blog, profile or websites, if you could point others to where to find their own it would be most appreciated. 😀