Get Your Warchief Election 2010 Buttons!

Earlier today I decided to blow off some steam at work by coming up with a series of campaign ads for different candidates for Warchief.  They turned out to be quite popular around the Twitter-sphere, so I thought I’d make up some campaign buttons for those who wanted to show their support!  Each one features one of the candidates: Thrall, Garrosh, Basic Campfire, Deathwing, or Richard Knaak, as well as a small slogan for their campaign.  Grab the one you want or a ZIP file of all 5 at the bottom and show support for your candidate of choice!  Also, if you use one on your blog, profile or websites, if you could point others to where to find their own it would be most appreciated. 😀

6 thoughts on “Get Your Warchief Election 2010 Buttons!

    1. Vrykerion

      I was tempted to do one for Garona Halforcen or Magatha Grimtotem, but I kinda figured that the genderless Basic Campfire would suffice for “We need less dudes.”

      That and I couldn’t think up a funny campaign slogan for Garona or Magatha.

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