Art: a RoboTurtle and a Tragic Origin Story

So this weekend’s art sketch was a request by @fullthrottlesnd on twitter, who asked for a turtle. I thought for a long while about how I wanted to do a turtle, because I had a couple of different ideas. Ultimately, I was struck with the image of a transparent shell full of contraptions and gears – a robo turtle. So that’s what we went with:

Admittedly, the color choice at the moment came out more “bowser” than plain ol’ turtle, but I did enjoy the clock gears inside the shell as a visual trick.

Following that up, I spent part of my weekend dividing my twitter into two seperate accounts, you have @vrykeri0n or ‘That Hat’ which represents the IRL me and my twitter presence, and then there’s @vrykerion who is the ‘in character’ vtuber persona. To celebrate, I decided to do a little sketch of my vTuber persona’s “dark” and “tragic” backstory:

As I’m sure you could tell, the little rabbit really need some arm twisting to fall to the dark side. And because I mentioned it on twitter, I’ll share it here too. The ghost’s name is Jose. He’s there because… well, the moon is haunted. *shrug*

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