Update on Imperial Agent Storyline Review: Part Deux


Hey all, just a quick little up date to let everyone know who has been waiting for the last of the SWTOR Class Storyline Reviews that I was able to push my way through to the end of the Imperial Agent twice over the last Double XP weekend and have all my notes from those playthroughs written up.  I believe I last clocked the total at somewhere around 11,000 words for JUST the notes.  Now I have take all those notes and turn them into (semi) coherent blog posts which is another long task but I’m working on it bit by bit when I have the time (Hey, I have a full time job too ya know.)  But I figure I’d let you all know that we’ve stepped into the next phase on this one and hopefully Chapter One will be on the site soon-ish.  Thank you all for your patience.


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