Status Update on the Imperial Agent Storyline

As I’m sure regular readers of this site will know, the conclusion of the Smuggler reviews means that there is only one class storyline I have no yet done any reviews on.  This is quite intentional as unlike most of my reviews which were done in either binge sessions with skipping everything outside of the Class Stories or in long drawn out bits and pieces of the course of years, I wanted the Imperial Agent – the storyline I consider to be the best of all eight – to be something different and to really focus on exploring the choices presented to you and to see exactly how much changes.

My original Agent was a strictly gray aligned, straight down the middle, do-the-mission until *coughcoughcoughhack* happened and then things changed for her.  But what about the other paths?  The ending of Chapter One establishes three distinct scenarios that can emerge from the situation, and I’ve always wanted to see them all.  So with that in mind, I have rolled two characters: Cipher Agent Zero-Sum and Cipher Agent Crim’son, my Light Side operative and Dark Side sniper.

I’ll be playing through the Imperial Agent storyline twice.  Each Agent will only progress to the end of each planet until both are ready for the next.  Each will make their morality choices based on their predetermined alignment.  And then I will write about not only what happens but what some of the key differences in the playthroughs will be.

I wanted to explain this because as of late I’ve received many eager messages from a great number of people across a variety of platforms asking me when the rest of the reviews were coming out.  While I have always said that these are something I do for fun and in my spare time, and that regardless of how long it takes me I have no intention of abandoning the project, I want to ensure I give my readers ample status updates to the progress of my work.  The Imperial Agent reviews will likely take longer than any of the others.  Between playing through it twice, the fact that SWTOR is only one of three MMOs I play on top of my single player games I play and write about (Such as my Final Fantasy retrospectives, enjoying Fallout 4, and my video series of Lets Plays), and I also started a full time job last year that has decreased my gaming time significantly (but increased my gaming budget immensely) – I am here to say I cannot make any firm promises about the timing of these last four class storyline reviews other than yes, they will be completed eventually.

Thank you all for your patience and your readership.  You’ve all turned this little backwater blog into a hub of SWTOR info and brought my views up from the dozens a day to a whopping 400-1000 views a day.  And while I don’t advertise or anything, it still warms my heart to see so many people coming to a remote corner of the web to read something I wrote.  You all are awesome, and I hope not to let you down.  In the mean time, I will continue to write.  Be it TOR stuff, or Final Fantasy, or some WoW observations, or even post more funny videos for people to enjoy.  Keep it tuned to the Land of Odd.

Thank you all so much.


One thought on “Status Update on the Imperial Agent Storyline

  1. Haneef Azme

    Vrykerion..take your time, so that you will be happy with the end-result. I really like reading your analysis of each SWTOR classes storyline; though I only read up to the point that I am playing. So far I have only finished the JK storyline, and finished all classes prologues. Now I am doing the remaining 7 classes at the same time; in the hope that I won’t get burn out due to playing the same class at any one time. Hopefully I can finish all 8 classes! Keep up the good work!

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