It’s A Me! Vry the Mario Maker!


A few months back I picked up Super Mario Maker for my Wii U, and boy is that a fun way to kill some time.  Whether I’m designing levels or just playing through random ones that other people made, I still have a blast every time.  Well, almost every time.  I’m not exactly a huge fan of those auto-Mario levels that play themselves.  Or the musical levels that for some reason never and I mean NEVER sound like the song their supposed to be.  I get that those kind of things have an audience and I know auto-Mario is a HUGE thing in other parts of the world and the game is built around an international audience but ya know, it just never really clicked with me.  I never liked that kind of stuff in Little Big Planet either.

Anyway, I finally got around to uploading some of my more thoroughly tested levels to their online servers and I figured I’d share the level IDs on here for anyone who also enjoys some Mario Maker and wanted to try them out:

Don’t Get Phazed By the Maze!

Course ID: 71A2-0000-01AC-0388

Starting basic with a more classic feel, it slowly begins ramping up difficulties and challenging you to think in alternate ways before sending you into the maze proper.  The maze has several paths, including a easy but tricky emergency bonus exit that rewards you with a hearty compliment to your endeavors and a straight shot to the top of the pole.  Keep an eye out for hidden bonuses tucked away here and there.

Above, Below & WAY Below

Course ID: CFAA-0000-01AC-0AB2

The mentality of the ‘multiple paths’ in “Don’t Get Phazed By the Maze!” takes full force here.  There are 3 separate paths per section with ample opportunities to cross between them.  Difficult to reach paths on the ‘overworld’ are rewarded with easier paths in the ‘underworld’ areas.  There are dozens of different combinations and methods to complete this level with hidden goodies to get you from here to there along the way.  Can you find the best path?

Spooky with a Capital P Switch

Course ID: 6DB3-0000-01AC-1A9C

A short level built around a single P-Switch.  The switch can make the level easier or more rewarding by either countering enemies or opening up new paths.  Can you find the secret coin vault?

Do you have a Mario Maker level?  Share your Course ID in the comments below! I’d love to try them out.

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