Behold! The Quick-ER Stop!

Well, when I heard about Bioware doing their own class storyline summaries over at the SWTOR website, I couldn’t help but think of this:

Leonardo: For too long, the miserable corner store has been a haven for ludicrous price gouging, and rude, poorly-trained clerks.

Dante: You think he’s talking about us?

Randal: No.

Leonardo: With names like ‘Dante’, and ‘Handel’.

Randal: Randal!

Leonardo: Today marks the dawn of a new era. I give you, the people of Leonardo – the future!

[Pulls rope, unveiling another massive building]

[Crowd is silent, except for an isolated cough]

Leonardo: …It’s a new convenience store! Quick-ER Stop!…Eh? Yes?

Guess I’m out of a job.  Back to blogging about Final Fantasy and making videos about how the hell I’m going to pay the rent in the Sims 4 when seven writers don’t want work.

One thought on “Behold! The Quick-ER Stop!

  1. Nooo, nobody can replace your insightful snark! Anyway, it seems that they are just reposting stuff that was published in book form three years ago, so this isn’t exactly new…

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